Nebraska- Grass and Corn

Nebraska has many things to offer. Like grasses and corn.


And before you yell and scream and make nasty comments, I know there are other things in Nebraska than grass and corn. These pictures just seemed to go together.


4 thoughts on “Nebraska- Grass and Corn

  1. No, it is a giant farm! I’ve been there! Just Kidding.

    Anywhere you look you can find something worth photographing. And best of all you don’t have to have a reason to photograph it.

    You might find my site interesting

    1. Nice site, Tobias. 🙂 Nebraska can be a little harder than other places to photograph, I think, just because there aren’t the obvious spectacular views of mountains and canyons. The sunsets are hard to beat, though.

    1. Thanks! The close-up pictures of the plants were taken in a fairly remote area. I drove for about 45 minutes on the highway and saw only two or three other vehicles on the road. I couldn’t stay as long as I liked, but at least I got a few nice shots on the stop.

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