Chicago- Day Two

I walked to Navy Pier on the second day of my trip to Chicago. I didn’t take any of the boat tours, go on any rides, or eat any of the carnival food there, but it was fun to just wander around, people-watch, and walk through the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows. Later on, I went to Pizzeria Uno and had a wonderful deep-dish veggie pizza. I definitely recommend it if you ever head to Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Chicago- Day Two

  1. My favorite one in this colection of yours is the B&W one with the clock tower, and the high altitude cloulds in the background. It is almost as if you where trying to get across a feeling of desolation. In such a place as Chicago that can be very hard to do, but I belive you did it quite well, and it is realy a great picture.

    1. Thanks! That’s one of my favorites, too. I wasn’t going for the ‘desolate city’ feeling- the scene struck me as beautiful rather than lonely- but it’s always interesting to see what other people see in your work.

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