Went to Church

My friend Joe and I wandered back out to the derelict church outside of Milford to find that someone had been there recently and moved stuff around. The piles of junk were in completely different places!


8 thoughts on “Went to Church

  1. Such stunning photo’s, especially the ‘blue door’, wow. Abandoned places fill me with such mixed emotions, sadness and nostalgia on the one hand, but also utter fascination and wonder.

    1. Thanks! I liked the blue door, as well. It has some amazing colors and textures. That whole area with the abandoned church and one-room school is a mad interesting place to go. I’ve shot there three times now, and every time I end up with some wonderful images.

    1. Thanks! We got lucky with the lighting that day. It was cloudy, but not overly dark so we ended up with a lot of nicely diffused light that didn’t cause nasty shadows or wash out the colors.

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