Infrared Style

I decided to do a little experiment with the Infrared black and white effect in Adobe Lightroom, and then see what it would look like to put a mostly transparent overlay of the original color file. In some cases, the final product was bland, but in other cases, I thought it looked great.

6 thoughts on “Infrared Style

  1. I think the images are wonderful and dreamy. I think you might combine this with a monochromatic effect. I wonder if the lightroom effect is really for cameras like some nikon cameras that lack IR filters over the sensor and filter out that light in processing. If that were true processing in Lightroom would allow true pure infrared imagery. Cool idea K.

    1. Thanks, Tobias. The Lightroom effect is one of about ten different black and white filter effects that you can run your photographs through very quickly. I think what it’s meant to do is give you the white foliage effect of IR film, but it doesn’t make the sky dark like IR film does. I know that there are companies out there that will remove the filter that takes out infrared- basically turning your camera into an infrared-only camera. I’ve seen some really beautiful pictures taken with said cameras, but it means you have to set aside an entire digital body for one purpose only.

      I may do something like that in the future, but for now, I’ll just play around with the Lightroom filter. I like the dreamy quality I’m getting, too. 🙂

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