I found a roll of mostly-used infrared film in an old Pentax Spotmatic I was getting ready to give to a friend. I’d forgotten that I took it to Minnesota last year. The photographs I got back from the developer weren’t great- it was the only roll of infrared film I’d ever shot- but I was pretty happy with a couple of them.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota-IR

  1. Nice pics. As soon as I saw Minnesota in the title I wanted to read. I don’t know anything about the place other than I can’t help but smile when people from there pronounce it.

    1. Minnesota is beautiful! These were taken around Lake Vermilion, which is is the northern part of the state, about 1 1/2 hours southeast of International Falls. I don’t know if I’d have the stamina to deal with the snow in the winter, but summer weather is amazing!

  2. I live in to parts of minnesota and my sister lives in another. I like in Thief River Falls MN, We spend summers in Duluth, and my sister lives in Winona. 90% of my shots are taken in Minnesota. I like the infrared film alot I’ll have to get some.

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