London- Flowers

I went to several parks while in London. They all had flowers. A lot of flowers. Far more flowers than I thought there would be at the end of March/beginning of April.  These are from Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Green Park, and a tiny little church garden near Lambeth Palace.

03_29_2014 London 028 03_29_2014 London 035 03_31_2014 London 139 03_31_2014 London 180 04_03_2014 London 063 04_03_2014 London 065 04_03_2014 London 066 04_03_2014 London 095 04_04_2014 London 001 04_04_2014 London 051

4 thoughts on “London- Flowers

  1. Nice photo!! I love the depth of field!! It really aligns well with the monthly photography challenge I’m putting out on my blog now. You can partake by posting the link to the image as a comment on any of my posts.

    1. Wow! There’s some lovely work on your site. I don’t know that I’ll keep up with the monthly challenge, but I’ll definitely keep up with the blog.


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