Nairn Beach

My experience with beaches is limited. Before going to Scotland, I’d been to one major beach- in West Palm Beach, Florida. I didn’t care for it. It was crowded, it smelled bad, and I got a horrible sunburn.

The beach in Nairn was the opposite of that. There were only a handful of people there, and they were all friendly. There were dogs having fun playing in the water. The air was clean, if salty, and I didn’t get a sunburn.

There was a storm over the North Sea which made for steady winds, lots of waves, and some amazing clouds.

08_24_2015 a6000 147

08_24_2015 a6000 139 08_24_2015 a6000 144 08_24_2015 a6000 150 08_24_2015 a6000 151 08_24_2015 a6000 173 08_24_2015 a6000 194 08_24_2015 a6000 218

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