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32 thoughts on “Sunset

      1. i enjoy that too. things are starting to yellow up now after some intense green this summer. one spot where i watch has weeds over 8 feet tall next to the water in a couple spots. i am wondering how long they will stand after they turn brown. those were bright green with little yellow flowers.
        the water has receded some recently so i can walk along the water’s edge easier now. that makes it easier getting around.
        yes, the constant subtle changes are part of the pleasure. the dragon flies should be done now, protecting me from mosquitoes around my head. in one spot hundreds of dragonflies have been buzzing me for a month. it happened last year too. just their time i guess.

      2. There are some tall reeds around my spot, too, but I can navigate around them. They’re pretty tough, so they don’t go away in the winter, even when the lake freezes over.

        Hundreds of dragonflies?! Wow! I’ll see a few now and then, but that’s it. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I saw so many dragonflies at once!

      3. the dragonflies fly above all the weeds along the shore line. i think they are eating the gnats that are all around but don’t know for sure. there are hundreds in flight together at the peak around sunset. i kid you not.

        i am at the waters edge so they buzz around me but are mainly behind me. i have tried to get pictures of them together but in the dimming light and their flying speed those do not come out. i do have many shots of them but nearly each one is blurred.

        a few will fly around my head which keeps the gnats from messing up the pictures. you can hear the dragonflies when they buzz by your ear. only one has ever hit me.

      4. That sounds amazing! I wouldn’t even mind having one hit me, if it meant seeing that kind of gathering.

        We have plenty of gnats around here, but just not that many dragonflies.

      5. for some reason the gnats like to get right in the way of the shots. they come out as little blurred specks on some photos.
        when i see them in the view i will wave my hand to try to disperse them. the little things can sure mess up a great shot. i don’t miss gnats in winter and certainly don’t miss the mosquitoes. i am hoping they are about done for the year.

      6. I don’t walk in the water there. There are so many rocks and weeds in the water, and I don’t know how quickly the lake bed drops down. I’ve never seen snakes, but I’m sure they’re there. There’s a lot of wildlife, even though it’s in the middle of town. I’ve seen herons, muskrat, and all sorts of water birds. There have been deer, foxes, wild turkeys, and probably coyotes, too. A lot of geese stop there when they’re migrating.

      7. that’s like me. i rarely leave in less than an hour though. it seems like there is always something going on even when the sky is clear.

        sometimes the water is putting on the show. i stay about an hour most days till the dregs of color are gone

      8. I like to stay longer, but sometimes I don’t get there until the last light is almost gone, and once in a while the weather changes for the worst so I have to leave.

      9. i try to do the whole thing. sometimes i am late but not by much. then i stay till it is done.

        storms are opportunity to me. i don’t like getting caught in one but have hunkered down a few times and got soaked and then the storm past and the sky opened up with the most beautiful colors at the peak of sunset.

        the lightening scares me though. i probably have taken more chances than i should have. it made for some impressive shots a few times though.

      10. You’re brave!

        There’s really nowhere to hide when the storms come through, and the lightning and wind off the lake get pretty crazy. I could wait it out in my car, I guess, but the lake is a flood control point that a lot of streams drain into, so the water can rise in a hurry.

      11. right, don’t want to be caught in that. i am as careful as i can be but am kind of stuck out there if i want to be near the water edge when it passes as the sun sets.

        i will post a couple from a favorite one that was during a storm. it was not bad on me at the time but rain was coming down some.

  1. i imagine you have many other excellent pics from this sunset. i was curious what whitish blue area was doing at other times in the sunset. it looks like this shot is near the end.

    1. At the horizon-ish line, you mean? I think that’s the last reflection off that edge of the lake. I’ll get that line depending on the time of day I’m there and whether or not the lake is calm.

      1. i was referring to areas higher in the sky out to the edge of the photo. i like the time progression and the color changes throughout.

      2. Okay, I see what you mean. That was just how the sky changed. The light does weird things just before and just after sunset.

      3. right. that is what i was asking. sometimes you can’t tell it is the same sunset from the color variations. if the clouds patterns were not present it would be hard to know at times.

      4. Well, each day I post a different sunset, so if you’re going from one post to another, the pictures are from different days.

      5. i click on your site name in the reader and it brings up a list of all your posts there. i page down which keeps loading your older posts.

        i also follow the sunset tag so would see them there if you tag them sunset. plus i follow you but don’t always get to see everything from everyone i follow each day. i run out of time or don’t have enough most days.

        i catch up on your photos when i see a new sunset from you.

      6. Thanks! I appreciate it. 🙂 I realized a bit ago that I wasn’t following you, but now I am. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your sunset photos!

        I really should make a gallery devoted to my sunset photos…

      7. There have been days when six or seven of us are there with our cameras and tripods, but usually it’s just me and the occasional jogger who stops to take a photo with their phone.

      8. ahh yes. your slice of special. that is another thing about storms. they chase any other photographers away. i usually have the storm ones all to myself and those are many times the best.
        actually have have nearly every day to myself where i go. there are a few walkers or joggers or bike riders up on the trail but i am the only one walking the water edge.
        there are a couple other parks around on the lake that people go to to take sunset pictures but they do not come to where i am for the most part

  2. well good talking with you. i will let you have your sunday back. i will post those couple pics i was talking about in a bit. the resolution on these is not as nearly as good as the actual pic i took. i downsized it quite a bit to upload them smaller.

    Thanks again for the talk and time.

      1. i know they look fake. the real photos are even better since the resolution is higher. i did not mess with the colors. that is what was happened at different parts of the sunset.

        when the whole sky went full pink orange i was snapping as fast as i could all around. it was just a light rain at that point from some clouds above me. in some of the pictures you can see the rain on the water.

        thank you again for the talk. i will look forward to your photos.

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