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3 thoughts on “Beagle

  1. Good afternoon Kim,

    I was wondering , when you travel , for a short trip, how do you carry your camera and if you take one len, what is it?

    Thank you, Anita

    1. I have a Sony mirrorless camera these days, so the camera and lenses are smaller. I took my Sony a6500, the Sony 28mm f2.0, 16-50, and a 10-18 f4 and several filters with me to Iceland.

      When I had my larger Nikon gear, I had a d7000 and the 18-140 and a Nikon 35mm f1.8 for low light. The Sony gear is much easier to travel with.

      I have a shoulder bag that I carry everything in usually, and another pack that goes into my backpack when I’m hiking.

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