Leaves #2

01_03_2020 A7III 004


7 thoughts on “Leaves #2

  1. I’ve been doing macro for my challenge this week and it’s killing me. But, I did learn a lot, and think I want to get a macro lens….

      1. Sony has a 30mm 3.5 Macro lens for about $300. If you stop into B&H or another camera store, they might be able to show you something else (like from Tamron or Sigma) that would do whatever else you might want to do with it. I’d recommend going in, as opposed to shopping online for it. It’s so much easier to tell a real person what you want sorts of pictures you want to take than it is to sift through a million reviews that may not give you the information you need.

      2. Thank you! I’m going to start looking, because as hard as it was, by the last day of macro week I finally started to get it….

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