Author: Kim

I stay up too late and I drink too much coffee, but I could never read too many books.

Memorial Stadium

Okay, I’m not a big football fan (who, exactly is Ndamakong Suh?), but the Memorial Stadium was an ever present Thing in my college experience, since it loomed over us in the art building across the street.

Faerie Girl

Once upon a time, a friend of mine made a faerie costume for her little girl. So one summer day, we dressed her up in her pretty new clothes and let her run around while we chased her around and I took pictures.


Alright. So ducks and seagulls aren’t the most interesting birds in Minnesota, but they were the ones I saw, and I like the pictures I took of them. The loons were a lot more interesting, though they tended to be somewhat elusive when I had a camera in my hands. Loons calling to each other at sunset is a weird, awesome sound. Everyone should hear it once in their life.

International Wolf Center

I like wolves. And despite the fact that for a long time there was a wolf exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, I’d never seen a live wolf until this summer (the wolves were hardly ever out at the Omaha Zoo. Not when I was there, anyway). So I was pretty happy to go to the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN, when we were up in Minnesota last week.

It’s a really great little center. They have several wolves you can see, plus all sorts of educational videos and exhibits about wolves. There was even a werewolf show going on when we were there (art, stories, and whatnot).

If you ever happen to be in Ely, Minnesota getting outfitted for a canoe trip, I’d recommend a quick run over to the Wolf Center.



I grew up in a town of 5,600 people so I always laugh when people talk about small towns of 100,000. To me, a small town has 100 residents.

I was flipping through some older photographs from my trip home last summer and found a couple I hadn’t liked at the time, but I changed my mind on seeing them again.

Travelogue: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

I’m a fan of wide open spaces (one of the reasons I like living in Nebraska), so taking a long weekend with a friend to drive up to North Dakota was pretty awesome. If the threat of a flash-flood-causing downpour hadn’t forced us to leave the park early, it would have been perfect. As it was, a nearly ten hour downpour soured the drive through South Dakota, but it did make for quite an adventure.