Infrared Style

I decided to do a little experiment with the Infrared black and white effect in Adobe Lightroom, and then see what it would look like to put a mostly transparent overlay of the original color file. In some cases, the final product was bland, but in other cases, I thought it looked great.

Went to Church

My friend Joe and I wandered back out to the derelict church outside of Milford to find that someone had been there recently and moved stuff around. The piles of junk were in completely different places!


Chicago- Day Two

I walked to Navy Pier on the second day of my trip to Chicago. I didn’t take any of the boat tours, go on any rides, or eat any of the carnival food there, but it was fun to just wander around, people-watch, and walk through the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows. Later on, I went to Pizzeria Uno and had a wonderful deep-dish veggie pizza. I definitely recommend it if you ever head to Chicago.


Chicago- Day One

I’d never been to Chicago until about two weeks ago. I loved it there! Despite the heat, I did a lot of walking- to Millennium Park, Grant Park, the Art Institute, the Field Museum, Navy Pier, and a walk  by Trump Tower and the Sears Tower- excuse me, the Willis Tower. Also fun? Walking through parts of the city that were used in the latest two Batman Movies.


The view from where I stayed.