A Leaf on the Water

I went to Wilderness Park yesterday to take advantage of the lovely weather. Spring hasn’t quite arrived, though, so the whole park is still quite brown. I did realize that I need to pick up a variable neutral density filter if I want the shots I’m looking for. It’s difficult to shoot wide open with a long exposure in the middle of the afternoon and not end up with a completely blown-out image.

I did get one photograph I was happy with. It was one of those throwaway shots. I saw a leaf floating on top of the water and took the picture, thinking that nothing would come of it. Obviously, something did.

When I bring photographs into Lightroom, I usually click on the distortion control option to account for the distortion of the lens. This time, though, I clicked on the wrong option. Instead of correcting for my 35mm f/1.8, I clicked on the 10.5mm Fisheye option, and ended up with a far more intriguing image. My high school art teacher called these ‘happy accidents’.

03_12_2014 15 copy

Faerie Tales

Another from my Faerie Tale series. It’s not quite a faerie tale, though, as officially she’s Nimueh from the King Arthur tales, but I won’t tell the Brothers Grimm if you don’t..

02_09_2014 Nimueh 20 copy copy

To Brighten Things Up

I bought some flowers to brighten up my apartment. They are purple and white lilies of some kind. Or they might be something else. I’m not that great at identifying flowers beyond “it’s purple”.

In the lovely window light, I had the thought that I might photograph more of the little oddities I own in that same window. Alas, that I don’t always have morning light diffused through a snowstorm, but there will be light all the same. We’ll see how it goes.


DSC_6199 DSC_6207