Waiting for Spring

Instead of Spring, we’re getting more wintry weather and snow. Not as much as they’ve gotten in the western part of the state in the last couple of days, but still. It’s April 11th, and it’s snowing.

It was nice and sunny last Saturday, though.

DSC_4102 DSC_4115

A Few Clouds

It’s been all wintry around here, with snow and rain and clouds and wind when we should be having a nice days. Maybe nice days will be coming along soon.

DSC_0373 copy copy


Five Years Old!

It feels like I’ve been shooting nothing but hockey lately- mostly because I’ve been a little ill of late, and haven’t felt like going out with a camera. Last week, though, I did make it back to my hometown for my best friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday party.


02_16_2013 D7000_001


It’s been a while since my last post. I had the misfortune of getting sick during a super busy time of the year. Happily, I’m feeling much better, work is starting to calm down a bit, and I’m planning to get out and do a lot more photography in the New Year!