1/31- Musical Blades on New Year’s Eve

So begins my month long experiment to see if I can do a post per day in January. Fortunately, it’s nice enough right now that I can go outside and take pictures without worrying about frostbite- an unusual occurrence in January in Nebraska. I’ll also be photographing hockey games again starting on Friday.

Last night, a bunch of us went out to the Fox Hole Tavern in Wilber, NE, to see the band The Musical Blades. They usually perform at Renaissance  and Pirate festivals, and this was their first performance in Nebraska. It was definitely worth the drive through the rain to see them.

The Holidays

I have been super busy these last few weeks. I’ll blame that for my lack of new photographs. I did take a bunch on Christmas day, though. Here are a couple.

I plan to make up for my lack of posting this month with a post-per-day challenge to myself in January. We’ll see if I can pull it off…


Capitol Building

I had almost forgotten about these pictures. I went downtown and photographed around the capitol building at the beginning of October. I think I’ll wait for a cloudy day to go again, since the bright sun shining in through the windows caused all sorts of flare and glare.