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Bookstore Cat

I got to take a Nikon A camera out for a day of shooting. This photo of Padraig, one of the cats at A Novel Idea, a wonderful used bookstore in downtown Lincoln.





I can’t say that I would purchase a Nikon A for myself. The controls are a little weird- the On/Off switch feels like a zoom toggle from regular point and shoots, and the Shutter Speed and Aperture control dials felt backwards, even though we figured out that they weren’t. Also, the RAW files aren’t compatible with any software I have, or with the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements I downloaded just to try to convert the files. That said, I have no complaints about the image quality, which is beautiful. It’s just the controls that threw me off.

Bookstore Cats

I was at A Novel Idea for a read-in* the other day, and the cats (Padraig and Eddie) were out doing their curious cat thing, instead of staying curled up and asleep in the windows.

* The Read-In was in protest of a TransCanada pipeline (the Keystone XL line, if I’m not mistaken) that, if built, will put an oil pipeline straight through Nebraska’s Sandhills, an ecologically delicate region that is 1) unique in the United States (as far as I know), and 2) covers a large portion of the Ogalala Aquifer, which provides drinking water to most of the state’s residents, and irrigation to a large portion of  the state’s farmers. Given the recent history of oil pipelines breaking down and causing major pollution to rivers in Michigan, Wyoming, Illinois, and Montana in recent years, a pipeline going from oil sand fields in Canada to Okalahoma/Texas sounds like the last thing we need. You can find more information about the “Stand With Randy” campaign at http://standwithrandy.org/   There are other events listed at Bold Nebraska’s site  http://www.boldnebraska.org/

A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea is my favorite bookstore in Lincoln. I don’t get there as often as I would like, which is really too bad. They have great deals on gently used books, and two cool cats who have the run of the store.

Find them online at http://anovelideabookstore.com/ , or downtown in Lincoln at 118 N. 14th St.