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I went out to Wilderness Park the other day, and quickly discovered that I hadn’t put on quite enough bug spray when I was swarmed by hundreds of mosquitoes! I only spent a half an hour or so out there before I had to leave because of all the bites. It was awful. Lesson learned: use more bug spray.


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I stayed in Bayswater while I was in London. It was just about the perfect location, as stations for the District, Circle, and Central lines were within a few blocks of my hotel, and it was immediately north of Hyde Park.


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Moscow Road

My hotel in London was located in Bayswater, a street or two over from Queensway St. The trouble was, Queensway is busy, busy, busy, and the sidewalks were always crowded. After the first day, I started turning off onto Moscow Road to get back to the hotel.

There was something wonderful about that street. The way it looked in the evening light, how relaxed it felt compared to the busier streets. And then there was the name itself- Moscow Road. It sounds like it should be the name of a bestselling thriller or spy movie.

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