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Memorial Stadium

Okay, I’m not a big football fan (who, exactly is Ndamakong Suh?), but the Memorial Stadium was an ever present Thing in my college experience, since it loomed over us in the art building across the street.

Oak Lake

It wasn’t too long ago that I was wishing for spring to come, and now it’s almost summer. What happened to spring? I think it got caught wavering between late winter and summer- it was either cool and rainy, or hot and overly sunny. *sigh* Such is the weather in Nebraska. But once in a while, we get a nice day and have the time to take advantage of it.

Just Another Strange Picture

From time to time, I wander around the various neighborhoods of Lincoln taking pictures of things I find interesting. It’s become a sort of project for me, to document the city. It seems to be changing so quickly these days.

Anyway. Just a quick picture of a little purple shed I saw a while back.