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A Leaf on the Water

I went to Wilderness Park yesterday to take advantage of the lovely weather. Spring hasn’t quite arrived, though, so the whole park is still quite brown. I did realize that I need to pick up a variable neutral density filter if I want the shots I’m looking for. It’s difficult to shoot wide open with a long exposure in the middle of the afternoon and not end up with a completely blown-out image.

I did get one photograph I was happy with. It was one of those throwaway shots. I saw a leaf floating on top of the water and took the picture, thinking that nothing would come of it. Obviously, something did.

When I bring photographs into Lightroom, I usually click on the distortion control option to account for the distortion of the lens. This time, though, I clicked on the wrong option. Instead of correcting for my 35mm f/1.8, I clicked on the 10.5mm Fisheye option, and ended up with a far more intriguing image. My high school art teacher called these ‘happy accidents’.

03_12_2014 15 copy