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I went out to Wilderness Park the other day, and quickly discovered that I hadn’t put on quite enough bug spray when I was swarmed by hundreds of mosquitoes! I only spent a half an hour or so out there before I had to leave because of all the bites. It was awful. Lesson learned: use more bug spray.


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Faerie Tales

Another from my Faerie Tale series. It’s not quite a faerie tale, though, as officially she’s Nimueh from the King Arthur tales, but I won’t tell the Brothers Grimm if you don’t..

02_09_2014 Nimueh 20 copy copy

Autumn in Wilderness Park

I was in desperate need of some outdoor therapy, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to Wilderness Park, on the southeastern edge of Lincoln. It’s beautiful all year round, but give it another week or so, when the leaves finish changing, and it’s going to be even better.

DSC_3757 DSC_3825